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These are just a few of my favorite websites:

Christian Challenge --

I am a member of Christian Challenge in Pineville, LA. The senior pastor (Nathan Martin) has an interesting blog. The founding pastor (Buddy Martin) also has a blog and sponsors an email discussion group called DepartingUPC for folks who have left or are leaving the UPC.

Departing UPC --

Bro Buddy Martin is the founding pastor of Christian Challenge. He's a former UPC minister with a great testimony and a heart to help those who have left or are leaving the UPC (or other unhealthy churches). Here is an archive of Bible studies that have appeared on this forum.

Why I Left --

Josh Spiers describes himelf as a former Apostolic Pentecostal. He shares his testimony, Bible studies, and other resources.

Church At The Bay --

I was a member of Church At The Bay while I was living in Tampa, FL. The lead pastor (Hal Mayer) has a great blog and there's a sermon podcast if you want to hear him in action. If you're ever in Tampa -- stop by and visit them!

Spiritual Abuse --

This site has resources and a private forum for those who have left unhealthy or abusive churches.

RBC's Christian Courses --

I'm taking a few of the classes on this site. It's a great resource! I blogged about this site when I found it...

Bible Gateway --

Online access to lots of different Bible translations and other Bible Study resources.

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